Refrigerant Gas R32


Factory Sale 11.3kg/30lbs Disposable Cylinder Freon R32 Refrigerant Gas R32


Basic Info:

Physical property:

molecular weight 52.02 boiling point(1amt)ºC   -51.7
melting point,ºC -136 boiling point evaporation potential,KJ/Kg 390.5
density(25ºC) liquid, g/cm³ 0.960 vapour pressure(25ºC),Mpa 1.702
critical temperature,ºC 78.52 critical pressure,Mpa 5.808
critical density ,g/cm³ 0.430 boiling point evaporation potential,KJ/Kg 390.5
water solubilityºC,W% 0.440 specific heat(25ºC)liquid,KJ/KgºC 2.35
ODP 0 GWP 0.11


Quality index(Q/320623 NTD 01-2012):

purity,% ≥99.8
moisture,% ≤0.001
acidity,% ≤0.0001
evaporated residue,% ≤ 0.01
chloride (cl-)experiment test permition
noncondensable gas(v/v),% 1.5
appearance colorless transparent liquefied gas


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