Smartwhip Cream Chargers 8g – 50 Pieces


The original N2O cream charger to hit the market, our cream chargers are filled with 8.2 grams of pure nitrous oxide and promise no leakage, oily residue or industrial aftertaste. Made from 100% recyclable stainless steel, each cream charger is coated with zinc chrome to prevent rust and passes a strict quality control check to ensure only the best end up in your kitchen.

  • High-quality N2O
  • 100% recyclable
  • Leakproof & rustproof

Buy Smartwhip Nitrous Oxide

  • Quality control: Manufactured of Smartwhip Nitrous Oxide in a factory with over 60 years of experience, each cream charger undergoes a strict quality control check before entering your kitchen.
  • Clean & clear: Our nitrous oxide cream chargers ensure no oily residue or industrial aftertaste will seep into your creations.
  • Professional standard: Suitable for professional and home whippers, a single cream charger yields over 20% more volume than a hand-held mixer.
  • Hard-wearing: Covered in a zinc chrome coating, our cream chargers are protected against rust-causing kitchen moisture.


Smartwhip Nitrous Oxide Composition

  • Casing: 100% steel.
  • Filling: 100% food-grade nitrous oxide (E942).

How to use

Pour your liquid contents into the siphon, and screw the lid on tightly. Place the cream charger into the charger holder with the small end facing upwards, then screw the charger holder onto the pin of your dispenser. You will hear a slight hissing sound as the gas is released into the siphon. Shake the siphon to evenly distribute the gas, then dispense your contents while holding the siphon upside down.

Nitrous oxide gas produces euphoriant effects when inhaled. First recorded in the 18th century at upper-class “laughing gas parties”, the experience was largely constrained to medical students until the late 20th century when laws limiting access to the gas were loosened to supply dentists and hospitals. By the 2010s, nitrous oxide had become a moderately popular recreational drug in some countries. Possession of nitrous oxide is legal in many countries, although some have criminalized supplying it for recreational purposes.


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