Smartwhip Pressure Regulator


Allowing you to charge with military precision, the Smartwhip pressure regulator is a game-changer for frequent cream charger users. Instead of going by a rule of thumb, the pressure regulator lets you take full control over your nitrous oxide usage, minimising excess gas wastage and streamlining the cream charging process.

    • Easy assemblage
    • Provides more control
    • Reduces gas wastage
    • Includes 1x Smartwhip Adapter to connect the pressure regulator to any cream dispenser

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  • More control, less wastage: Reduce excess gas wastage by taking full control over your gas consumption.
  • Safety first: Made in Italy, the pressure regulator is manufactured according to EU safety regulations, and features a pressure relief valve to ensure that you can charge safely even when the pressure gets too high. Buy Smartwhip Bulk Today.
  • Tailored to your requirements: Achieve the desired texture and consistency every time by adjusting the pressure to each drink or dish’s requirements.
  • Handy design: Featuring an easy-click chrome connector, you can connect and disconnect the pressure regulator in one swift motion.
  • Adapt and keep charging: Each Smartwhip pressure regulator comes with a custom siphon adapter to ensure that the system can be made compatible with any siphon.


Food-grade stainless steel, food-proof plastic hose, chrome connector.

How to use

Attach the pressure regulator to the Smartwhip cylinder, turning clockwise. While the flow switch is still closed, connect the hose to the siphon, then open the flow switch to enable the gas flow. When the gas flow stops, close the flow switch, disconnect the hose from the siphon, and you’re ready for the next one!. Shop Smartwhip Bulk Online

Nitrous oxide gas produces euphoriant effects when inhaled. First recorded in the 18th century at upper-class “laughing gas parties”, the experience was largely constrained to medical students until the late 20th century when laws limiting access to the gas were loosened to supply dentists and hospitals. By the 2010s, nitrous oxide had become a moderately popular recreational drug in some countries. Possession of nitrous oxide is legal in many countries, although some have criminalized supplying it for recreational purposes.


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